Good governance, continuous innovation, trials and hardships, casting brand.

     Ningbo BOOS since its establishment, step by step, in the field of non-standard bearings constantly forward, silently work.

     With the further expansion of the company's business, in 2022, the company will step up and usher in the new BOOS factory. The new factory is located at No. 1555 cihai North Road, Zhenhai District,[A1] adjacent to 329 National Road and the entrance of the ring Expressway, with convenient transportation and easy access in all directions. The new base represents a new outlook. In order to expand the business development of BOOS, we will continue to expand the new automated production line this year, and create higher precision products to meet the orders of more customers at home and abroad. We actively layout the international market to meet the needs of BOOS international business development, further strengthen the global brand influence, and unswervingly promote the international market. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen product innovation, strive to improve the standard level of corporate governance, resolutely implement 6S management in the factory workshop, and provide a solid governance mechanism guarantee for the company's high-quality development.
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At the same time in this "new beginning", As a leading bearing manufacturing enterprise, BOOS adheres to the enterprise policy of "innovation, hard work, mission, win-win" and strives to become an international brand with world influence.
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